18 September 2016

Follow the Yellow Brick Road... which really is a Faux gold road :)

My current direction in following the yellow brick road.. although does it really have a direction? and isn’t really gold because that would be too expensive to make. Faux is awesome and where it’s at :) I have worked out that I have been beading for approx. 12 years now, my Mom taught me how to sew, crochet starting about 10. I have tried all sorts of different types of Arts and Crafts throughout my life. Now that I am really focusing on the Arts, I'm getting into Mixed Media. Youtube helps greatly with all of the tutorials and internet in general for sourcing inexpensive materials.
I'm beginning to see how everything is coming together and finding out that there is nothing that I cannot do. My poor room is filling up with mixed medias to play with :) I need to get a better shelving system or finally have my housing come through..lol
Spirit through Synchronicity is working really well. I thought after taking a few classes in working with paper products that I wouldn't go in that direction.. so yesterday at the dollar store I found a huge beautiful snowflake punch and stamp set that would cost at least $20 at Michaels for $4. I can't ignore a great deal, so now I gave my first paper punch and stamps, all ready for Christmas paper projects! lol I am so stoked about finding this kit!
A lot of this came from understanding that people loved my work but wanted things in different price ranges. Also that necklaces aren't complete without earrings :) So I began to expand into easier things to produce especially with Christmas around the corner. Which lead me straight into mixed media, with an upcycle/recycle emphasis. Who knew that if you "peel" covering off of a CD you have a very cool holographic material to work with and a very sturdy clear plastic to use too!
I used to think nope.. I'm definitely not getting into wired jewellry... and yes now I'm doing that too :) and have found that Home Depot sells usable wire that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, also florists wire works good in some situations..
My son Ben says he can see me stalking the streets at night looking for recycling materials I can use! LOL
I am having SUCH a good time! I am so appreciative of that and finding Joy in the things that you spend time doing is the most important thing. Nancy Journal 18 Sept 2016

16 May 2016

I have a new Etsy Store

I am so excited to be able to share my love of beading, creativity and expression of spiritualism with you at my Etsy store.
All patterns and designs are totally original.. I work with a persons energy, find a bead, a colour combination, even a symbolic image in a stone and that starts me on my way. I'm channeling spirit and energy into each work. 
I get messages to bead a certain way or to add an element and then I'm told why and how that element represents spirit/creator. It all eventually leads to the idea that is communicated in the Dream Catcher/Wheel and that is how I find the names or themes of the piece.
If i'm working on a piece for a person I think of them and then let spirit take over to blend the elements to most help the individual or group in the most highest way. 

I'm so delighted on how the final Dream Catchers turn out! and enjoy the adventure of letting go and letting spirit/Creator God go to work!

Each Catcher is made from a variety of beads, Gemstones, reclaimed/recycled vintage jewelry, with many themes and energies present. I'll describe the ideas behind each Dream Catcher as I post them.

I love making them and lots of enjoyment and love goes into each and every creation. 

Payment can be made by Paypal, email transfer or cash. You can have your Wheel delivered or you can pick it up from myself. I'm in St. Catharines, ON. 
They can also be mailed directly to you.

They are all unique, just like us ♥

So I hope you enjoy!
Nancy Eckert
WaterFall in Spirit