11 September 2013

The Echos Message through Clifford Preston.


Why do they wipe our memories out in between incarnations?

I had an interesting question from a friend and I want to share it with you too.....Nancy why do they wipe our memories out in between incarnations?

They wipe out our memories so that we can live our current lives fully... we come here with specific lessons to learn and if we remembered to much about our past lives we wouldn't get the 'fresh' outlook thats needed to learn them.
But iI don't think that ALL of our memories are truly wiped out... we bring things over with us attitudes, likes and dislikes and sometimes we even bring fears that have to do with past lives.
We do draw on things that we've learned in other lives like how some people have a knack for say playing the piano etc when no one has taught them.
I also think that if we need to remember certain things this time around we bring that knowledge, attitudes with us or talents because maybe we need them to learn the current lessons.

then some of us remember... meditation helps us to remember and integrate past lives with the current one. I've remembered so many and had visions that have explained so much about myself through the years that I feel I'm sort of putting all of my lives together to make sense in a complete package. So this life now might be sort of a review life where I tie up lose ends in prep for more lives to come.

there is also the belief that we are part of an overall soul group nd all of our lives are lived like the spokes of a wheel and the source of who we are fully, is in the middle. I had the experience of meeting a man briefly in my life and I was able to celebrate his birthday party. I felt like I knew him but I had only met him this one time. Later that night I had a vision in my dreams and was shown that he IS myself. I was shown another girl,  similar age living in Brooklyn she was another spoke and I could feel how she felt. She was very lonely and so I projected myself to her and gave her a hug. It wasn't long after this that I was told she had died.
So  I am one spoke of this wheel and they are anothers.... living in body at the same time. As life caries on and the twelve or so that I was shown on this wheel die their energy or vitality are given to those that are still living.
this is a personal truth that I was given in a vision....

hope this helps

29 March 2013

Near Death Experiences

Just last summer when I was being flushed out intravenously from having too many pancreation cells in my blood. I was in emergency for about 8 hours. I had been feeling badly and started to vomit and so I went to the hospital alone just to get checked out. With my crappy health going in to get checked out is no big deal. But this time the nurses were coming in and remarking on how I should be in great pain...nurses with these big eyes saying I've never seen anyone with these levels so high and not having a lot of pain. They were getting ME worried! lol I was handling the pain with meditation and relaxation...

...but when I relaxed I thought there were trucks coming into the parking lot because there was a window over my head and I could see these bright lights. The bright lights started to annoy me as they got more intense and so I opened up my eyes when they were there and there actually was no lights coming in the window. hmmmm? So back to relaxing and I thought they turned the lights on in the room. Open eyes and nothing. Now with the light I felt warmth...
Then the light and comfort overcame me and I could see a large door outlined in gold floating in the room. The door opened and I there was a mans' arm opening it from the other side. Checkered shirt.. I knew it was my Dad. He looked wonderful! Young, healthy and very loving just as I remember him. He reached out to me (and his arm would have to have been about 20 feet long) and as welcoming as it all felt my body and very essence of who I am went into this shocking recoil! I physically drew my arms up and onto my chest... Dam! 
This isn't the first time having a NDE and I thought because my health is pretty crappy that with the next near death I'm just gonna go. I have had enough already... but I tell you. Going (dying) or staying here is an internal choice and not a conscious one. The choice is made in quicker than a split second!! before your conscious mind can even conceive what you are faced with. There was an internal NOOO!!! I've got more things to do here... and so here I am.
I find myself apologising to my Dad when I think about this... but I'm sure on the other side they don't worry about rejection :):)