19 September 2015

Butterfly in a Rainbow Skirt

Butterfly in a Rainbow Skirt

On train #2 there are many stops along the way from Winnipeg to Niagara. Many of these stops are on the edge of reservations or tiny places where you can only get in and out by boat or the train itself. It was on one of these stops that I saw him. A free spirit with long hair, beard and a beautiful rainbow skirt. I thought, wait a minute? Do I know him? He looks really familiar and as I watched him move to get onto the train, laughing and smiling,  I remembered a vision I had over a year ago.

During the vision he was almost dancing down these metal stairs off a metal bus? I had never been on a train before, so I was confused as to what I was seeing. I could tell he was really happy, energetic and joyful. Spirit gave me the understanding that he was someone important, special, that I needed to support and I was in his soul group. In my vision I was following him and a few other people because we had something to accomplish. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do.

 The couple who was traveling beside me were very nice, I saw her doing Tarot for another traveler and I smiled saying I was a Medium too. After that I had no peace, she kept after me about how I did readings for people. She kept making suggestions as to how I should, be doing the readings. I could not make her understand that I just translated the information that came in from higher sources. No matter how hard I tried to describe my process. I became frustrated, gave up and pretended that I was sleeping. I relaxed and asked Spirit, okay now what am I supposed to do about the man in the rainbow skirt? They said to just observe for now and after you see what he does we'll tell you more.

So I put in my earphones and enjoyed the trip even though the woman was staring at me and I could see her mouth moving and hands waving but I just smiled and pointed to the earphones then closed my eyes again.

I was observing and saw my guy coming in from the other car and showing a piece of paper to two people he got on with. Back and forth he went until he came in with a bunch of hand written papers and made the announcement that he had written a petition to protest the fact that we were on a 12 hour delay, all of those hours sitting waiting for other trains to go by. He was worried about all of the fuel we were using and how it effects the environment. Everyone nodded and most of everyone in my car signed his petition.

Spirit then said that this is just the beginning for him.. he is going to do great things. I automatically answered and so what am I to do? The reply was not verbal but a download of information. I thought Okay. Now at this point I haven't given a message to anyone, let alone a stranger in at least a year. I'm naturally a introvert and so I thought ah crap, do they really want me to do this? I received the answer, It's in your path. Okay, deep breath.

I got up from my seat rattled my way through my car, into the next car to try and find him. He was sitting there near the front and I said, "Hi! I'm a Psychic and I have a message for you."He looked a  little like uh oh. I could only imagine what negativity people had laid on him, in the past.

Spirit just wants you to know that you are on the right path, in fact it's your perfect path for you. You are absolutely right about everything. If you had any concerns that the projects you are working on or that come to mind from your heart and gut are not important, let that go and forge ahead, no matter what, people say. You are perfect just the way you are! He was looking at me with these crystal blue eyes and I could see the tears welling up in his eyes. He stood up to show me his shirt... that's why I wear these butterflies they represent the inner changes I'm going through.

He was so precious I could just feel it as I looked at the colourful butterflies on the lace shirt he was wearing. His hand was on his heart explaining how he was feeling.

He said, "I'm not sure what's happening to me."

I continued to explain that he just needed to go with it and understand it, as he went along. He'll only understand it more as he looks back on the changes. I told him again that everything he's going through is the absolutely best thing to happen to him and to really trust himself. Also not to let anyone change his mind on the projects, petitions etc. that will come in the future just to find those that agree with him and will help him along the way to his goals.

He thanked me, said that the message came at a perfect time and that it meant so much to him.

I waddled my way back on the moving train, relieved that I did what Spirit wanted me to because I really did not want to step out of my comfort zone. Smiling, walking back past the 'helpful' lady, put my earphones on again and watched out my window on the moving train.

He went back and forth through the train several times and then near my departure as he walked by I could could hear him say, "There she is"
He looked down at me and smiled a very warm smile, didn't say a word, patted the back of the seat in front of me and carried on with his petition.

If you ever see the young man in the rainbow skirt or know who he is please let me know. I'm curious as to what he does with his life and would support any causes he feels he needs to follow.


09 May 2014

We have many Soulmates

I've long thought about this idealistic idea that there is one person in our lifetime that will miraculously come into our lives and be our forever love.
Our Soulmate.
There are other names Twin Flame, Starmate, twin souls, in older terms my better half...
A soulmate is a spirit/being whom we have spent many lives with in our souls karmic reincarnational journey. This includes animals, Beings from other worlds, Faerie folk, dimensions and channeled Beings who haven't taken on material form.
Anywhere that we can reincarnate into our soulmates can be from...

Seth says that souls travel in groups of 70 I'm not one for rules or set facts, but from this I get the information that we travel in groups from lifetime to lifetime.
In this way we can play off each other and have the negative and positive experiences with each other seeing both sides of the experiences.

The first soulmates in our lives are our families for better or for worse... and yes it does happen that sometimes we are born into families that don't have deep connections to us and we feel like an outsider. Then we are drawn to to others who 'feel' more like family. There is a purpose in everything and so for each individual it happens in a different way.

I remember at one point in my life I made a directed effort to find my soulmates that are not family... ones that were in past lives but I had not met yet in this one. That was in the old BBS days and to my amazement many of them were online! We had so much in common and used to travel a round like a pack for a few years even though we were all ages from 18 to 40 we were all of the same mindset. One of them and I would all of a sudden say the same sentence at the same time. All of us were very intuitive and I remember it as being a fun time and we all went through a lot of changes and healing.
That time also brought forth soulmates that churned up old issues that had to be dealt with and was very hurtful but I tend not to focus on the negative.

If you think about how many experiences we have over a lifetime and multiply that by uncountable lives... that's a lot of soulmates.

They all have different purposes in meeting up with us in a certain time frame, in certain lives...
I believe that all of the love relationships I have had in my life thus far are of a soulmate status. Each relationship has been clearing the rubble of past lives, left behind, and creating a new slate of energy to write on. Even the abusive marriage I went through, in it, I had dreams of when I was being abusive to the person who now was doing it to me. In everything there is balance.

This life that I am living now is a clearing life... it's wrapping up loose ends form other lifetimes. It has brought in so many issues to deal with and look at honestly. Living this life is much easier knowing this because looking back over my life, it's quite a jumble, without that knowledge.

So whats a soulmate? a love mate?
There are MANY that wait their whole life for that one love... turning away all opportunities for that one perfect state of bliss...
My message to you is that some may have written this experience into this lifetime and that is their calling. I know of several truly soulmate couples and happy ones at that. They know they are soulmates even if they are not on a spiritual path. They say they were meant to be with each other or made for each other. They also don't just stay with each other because they are afraid of being alone. It's much more than that.
For the majority of us, slugging it out on the earth at this time. there are many Soulmate relationships. They come in all different forms, shapes and sizes.
Great love comes in many forms and in each form the appreciation is in the acceptance, understanding and in the seeing it through.
Not in abandoning it or not cherishing it because you are waiting for that blissful state that might not come in your lifetime. Sometimes chosen soulmate relationships take a lot of work!

You may not have a prince or princess waiting for that precious chance encounter... but you might have a few others that are there to make connections and help you in your current journey of understanding. You might find those soulmates that are waiting for you to wake them up spirituality... I have had this happen quite a few times.

Don't miss the calling,their song, because you are to busy waiting for that big love that may never appear...
Enjoy and experience all of the love around you, on your way...
Teach others how to love, especially those that think they have forgotten or cannot.
Allow others to love you in their own ways and enjoy, that it is enough.
Some of those soulmates who have traveled with me in this lifetime are still with me and they know who they are...
Others have come and gone having contact for as long as was needed.. but we all know that we'll meet again
Maybe next time we'll reincarnate in another star system and on another planet...
Although I remember Atlantis that was really wonderful for as long as it lasted...
Till we meet again.